About Us

Our Organisation

Was borne as a result of the stark recognition that the IT Service Industry continues to distance itself from any meaningful partnership with the businesses it supports. As the technology language, communications style, metaphors and business logic evolve in an almost freakish manner and at an unwieldy pace, a growing divide looms

We recognise that as long as the long-term needs of the IT supplier remain highest priority, honesty in strategy, supply, involvement and business needs may be subject to an underlying agenda: ‘Make more money.”.


Our Ethos

Build Elegant Solutions


Without an Agenda

Our goal is to prioritise the business needs. Not sell products.

We live to give the whole truth, the honest truth and nothing but the truth.

We seek to become the honest partner. Even at the expense of our revenue.

Our Directors


Andy How

CEO, Sales, Interface Design

Andy is a 17 year veteran manager of the software industry designing & developing products in Canada, the US and Australia. Read more…