Brand & Logo

"A brand is the name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers"


16703717985_21f9c0cc6f_bAt BITBYTEBIIT, we understand the importance of brand management and maintaining cohesion between social trend, and empirical values. We model our brand development on a step-by-step process which captures the essence of your value proposition and positions it within the 'audience sweet-spot' where the relationship between your product and the consumer is fostered.


Your company logo, wordmark, symbol, or both, is often the first visual association a customer will have with your brand. Proper use of an appropriate, distinctive, memorable logo will boost recognition rates, and, when coupled with a positive brand experience, can help generate return business and increased ROI, as well as instilling trust among your valued customers.

Favicons and avatars

These miniature icons can fortify your brand’s stature by demonstrating that careful attention is paid to the smallest details. Perhaps, the most frequently seen by your customers.

Style guides

This is particularly useful for medium-to-large-sized organisations where more than one person is responsible for handling the visual identity. You’ll find some examples in these style guides from around the world (on Logo Design Love).

Digital Collateral

Document templates, power-points, PDF, report cohesion and formatting etc. We work with all current Microsoft, Google, Adobe and OO platforms to enhance your digital outputs.

Website Branding

Please see Web Design & Development.

For specific requirements or any questions, by all means ask