"Any product that needs a manual to work is broken."

- Elon Musk

Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction.

Design has different connotations in different fields however we view the process as quite simple really: Identify the business needs, categorically pair these with the user/consumer needs, prototype and test the model, and it amazingly elegant. Simple.


We are firm believers in design thinking. Design incorporates interface and functional analysis in unity, whereby no specifics in either realm dominate the other to create cumbersome outcomes.

Elegance is about identifying that “sweet spot” where all common stake-holders needs are met.

Designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic, and socio-political dimensions of both the design object and design process. It may involve considerable research, thought, modelling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. We believe this is the most fundamental step required in the evolution of any architecture and development.

Typical stages of our design process include the following:

Pre-production design

  • Design brief - an early (often the beginning) statement of design goals and objectives
  • Analysis – analysis of current design goals
  • Research – investigating similar design solutions in the field or related topics
  • Specification – specifying requirements of a design solution for a product
  • Problem solving – conceptualizing and documenting design solutions
  • Presentation – presenting design solutions

Design in-production

  • Development – continuation and improvement of a designed solution
  • Testing – in situ testing of a designed solution
  • Post-production design feedback for future designs
  • Implementation – introducing the designed solution into the environment
  • Evaluation and conclusion – summary of process and results, including constructive criticism and suggestions for future improvements


  • All of the above…but with the music of operational chaos.