Visual Design

"First impressions count. People make snap judgements. It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different."


9238160656_16bbfca272_bWhile interaction design provides the foundation for the relationship between your Customers and your product, well-guided visual design, with thoughtful association with the relationship you desire to have with your Customer, creates confidence and positive perceptions about your brand. We create visual design with direction that builds on and enhances evidence-driven interaction design. 

We insist on evaluating our visual designs with users. Through our innovative hueristic analysis processes, we better understand what visual queues, action drivers and stimulus contribute to user preferences and more importantly why they may prefer one design direction over another. Reflection on how users perceive visual styles and queues allows us to tailor the best direction to fit the brand and the business needs of that brand.

We collaborate with development teams to orchestrate the timing and format of creative deliverables to ensure the new app, site, portal or publication looks (and acts) the way users will jive with it. We can create everything from full, production-ready front end code to style guides and specifications supported by interactive application prototypes.